Training to improve your wellness

Wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of being in the best health in the six key areas – physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental and spiritual.

I would go as far as putting them in that order of priority too. Each of the six dimensions influence and balance each other to create overall wellness. Should one be out of sync it will influence another. Modern life is busy. We have distractions from all over the place and it’s important to look at the bigger picture – our wellness is a priority. Being in the best possible health (in all the six dimensions of wellness) should be what we prioritise over so many elements of life.

Learn how to create better habits, improve your wellness and live a happier healthier life.

Who is this course for?

  • People looking to improve their wellness and form better habits

  • Those who want the convenience of learning at home or on the go

  • People seeking increased performance from their lives

In This Training You Will Receive….

  1. Physical training sessions: Balanced workouts you can use time and time again. Giving your body strength and a healthy foundation to build your wellness upon.

  2. Nutritional advice: A healthy body from the inside out. I share my years of knowledge and insight to help you form healthy nutritional habits.

  3. Help to form better habits: Across all sections of wellness, I will train you to form better habits so you can become more resilient and live a happier healthier life.

  4. Downloads: Including resources that help track your progress. Fun ways to get more enjoyment out of your training with practical steps to increase your overall wellbeing.

  5. The building blocks of wellness: This course was built for anyone wanting to improve their wellness by making small adjustments to daily habits. From here you'll have a base knowledge that will allow you to continue your wellness journey.


  • A device connected to the internet

  • Adequate mobility to perform basic physical exercise

  • A willingness to learn, adjust and improve over time

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome from Emma

    • How to use this programme

    • Helpful Links

    • Downloads

  • 2

    Wellness Training

    • What is Wellness?

    • The 6 key areas of wellness

  • 3

    Wellness Wheel

    • Using the Wellness Wheel to take a reading

  • 4


    • Before You Start

    • Physical Wellness - Introduction

    • Warm Up

    • Lower Body Conditioning

    • Upper Body Conditioning

    • Core Conditioning

    • HIIT Workout 01

    • HIIT Workout 2

    • HIIT Workout 3

    • Cool Down / Stretch

    • How to do Squats

    • How to do Lunges

    • How to do Pressups

    • How to do Crunches

    • How to do Planks

    • Nutrition

    • Sleep

    • Physical Wellness Downloads

  • 5


    • Emotional Wellness - Introduction

    • About - What is Emotional Wellness?

    • Types of Stress

    • Physical Stress

    • Chemical Stress

    • Electromagnetic Stress

    • Mental Stress

    • Thermal Stress

    • Mindfulness & Meditation

    • Resilience

    • Sleep & Emotions

    • Prioritise

    • Next Steps

    • Emotional Wellness Downloads

  • 6


    • Social Wellness - Introduction

    • About - What is Social Wellness?

    • Good Habits

    • Technology

    • Positive Socialising

    • Balance

    • Saying Yes

    • Next Steps

    • Social Wellness Downloads

  • 7


    • Intellectual Wellness - What is it?

    • Learning & Creativity

    • Making A Start

    • Goal Setting

    • Learning With Family

    • Personal & Achievable

    • Next Steps

    • Intellectual Wellness Downloads

  • 8


    • Environmental Wellness - Introduction

    • About - What is Environmetal Wellness?

    • Immediate Environment

    • Clutter

    • Work Environment

    • Global Environment

    • Where to start

    • Next Steps

    • Environmental Wellness Downloads

  • 9


    • About - What is Spiritual Wellness?

    • Beliefs & Morals

    • Forgiveness

    • Purpose

    • Setting Goals

    • Reality vs Thoughts

    • Next Steps

    • Spiritual Wellness Downloads

  • 10

    Next Steps

    • Well done!

    • Give us your feedback


Emma Seal

Hello, I’m Emma Seal, I help real people by providing fitness and wellness training through my unique online programme, 1-to-1 personal training sessions and group classes. It is my mission to motivate, empower and equip people with the right tools and education centred around wellness, so you can live a healthier, balanced life.

If you would like to form better habits that lead to overall balanced wellbeing, with a more holistic view in each of the key areas. Now is the time to start your Wellness Training.